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The consultancy comprises all fields involving Tax Laws, paying special attention to the following areas:

International taxation

We have a high percentage of clients with an international profile, providing them with advice regarding investment operations. The problems and challenges derived from the application of international double taxation agreements and, in general, those related to international corporate structures for investment and business development are matters which the lawyers within this department are faced with on a daily basis.

Tax procedures and disputes

Legal representation regarding tax procedures constitutes a fundamental practise within this department. These procedures include those of a litigious nature (inspection procedures and requirements for tax information and economic-administrative and legal claims, defending clients in economic criminal procedures, particularly for cases involving crimes against the Tax Authorities) as well as those of a non-litigious nature (presentation of consultations before the General Tax Authority, help in preparing documentation related to operations with associated entities, agreements on transfer policies, etc.).

Real estate and local taxation

The Taxation Department works closely with the Real Estate and Urban Planning Department, and has vast experience in operations involving the transmission and acquisition of real estate properties, as well as in all matters related to local taxation.

Family business taxation

Along with taxation consultancy directly related to legal structures aimed towards the management, continuity and transmission of family-run businesses for future generation. ​


With vast experience in providing advice to the parties which may result affected in a situation of economic crisis within a society. Our consultancy service comprises, among others, the following events: Group restructuring procedures, refinancing debts, defending creditor’s rights, advice related to the responsibility of directors and investments in insolvency assets and liabilities.

Bankruptcy procedures

Consultancy in a pre-bankruptcy stage.
Administrator liability.
Preparing an arrangement with creditors.
Consultancy for insolvency administration.
Redundancy schemes.
Consultancy in a liquidation stage.
Recognition and enforcement of legal rulings delivered within foreign bankruptcy procedures.
Structuring investments in bankruptcy assets and liabilities.

Credit protection

Challenging and recognition of credits.
Defending creditor’s rights.
Enforcement of securities.
Recognition and enforcement of foreign credits and securities within Spanish bankruptcy procedures.


Includes a team which is specialised in providing consultancy related to Corporate Law. This department is made up by experts in providing consultancy services to modern companies throughout all the stages of their corporate life:

Company constitution.
Statutory reforms.
Board Secretariat.
Board meetings.
Company restructuring.
Administrators’ duties and responsibilities.
Agreements among partners.
Capital increases and reductions.

Real Estate

The legal consultancy service covers all matters related to real estate construction, promotion, financing and investment in residential buildings, offices, business parks, logistic warehouses, hotels, tourism complexes, commercial parks and leisure centres.

Public procurement.

Designing the legal and tax structures for purchasing, selling, investing and managing real estate projects.
Consultancy services provided to real estate developers during the process involving the promotion and construction, preparation and negotiation of contracts for sale, rental and hotel managements, and in the process of purchasing real estate projects.
Legal due diligence (also regarding environmental and urban planning aspects).
Sale and purchase of lands.
Sales Agreements for the real estate project.
Consultancy in legal matters of urban planning and environmental natures.
Contracts for construction, architecture and project management.
Responsibility of construction agents.
Asset ownership, leasing and management.
Selling real estate project developments to institutional or private investors, real estate funds or end users.
Contracts for financing the development and sale of real estate projects.
Monitoring, refinancing, restructuring and enforcement of securities.

Public Law

The Public Law Department provides services involving advisory and contentious advice, both to private clients and to public sector entities, in the different scopes of administrative and constitutional law, highlighting the following:

Public procurement.

Consultancy for the public sector in the preparation and award of contracts.
Consultancy for private clients in procurement procedures and in the execution of public contracts.
Public infrastructures.
Administrative-contentious, community and constitutional. Actions before accounts’ inspection and auditing bodies.
Resolving disputes related to contracts.
Consultancy in relation to public law in regulated sectors (credit entities, telecommunications, energy, stock markets, etc.).
Actuaciones ante los órganos de control y fiscalización de cuentas.
Asesoramiento en materia de Derecho público en sectores regulados
Consultancy in relation to public law in regulated sectors (credit entities, telecommunications, energy, stock markets, etc.).
Violations and administrative sanctions.
Public property (waters, mines, coasts and ports, heritage assets belonging to Government Agencies).
Compulsory purchases.
Grants and subsidies.
Pecuniary liability of the Government Agencies.
Preliminary studies and regulatory projects related to public law.

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