Legal Department

Legal Department



The advice covers all areas of tax law, with a special focus on the following areas:

International taxation

A significant percentage of clients have an international profile and are advised on investment transactions. The problems and challenges arising from the application of international double taxation treaties and, in general, those related to international corporate structures for investment and business development are issues that lawyers in this area face in their daily practice.

Tax litigation and procedures

Legal management of tax proceedings is a fundamental practice of the area. These procedures include both those of a litigious nature (inspection procedures and tax information requirements, appeals and economic-administrative and contentious claims, defence of clients in economic criminal proceedings, particularly in cases of offences against the Public Treasury) and those of a non-litigious nature (submission of queries to the Directorate General for Taxation, assistance in the preparation of documentation relating to transactions with related entities, transfer pricing agreements, etc.). Translated with (free version)

Real estate and local taxation

The Tax Department works in close collaboration with the Real Estate and Urban Planning Department, and has extensive experience in real estate transfer and acquisition transactions, as well as in all matters related to local taxation.

Taxation of family businesses

In addition to tax advice directly related to legal structures aimed at the management, continuity and transmission to future generations of the family business


We have extensive experience in advising parties that may be affected by the possible economic crisis of a company. Our advice extends, among others, to the following cases: group restructuring procedures, debt refinancing, defence of creditors' rights, advice on directors' liability and investments in insolvency assets and liabilities.

Insolvency proceedings

Advice in the pre-insolvency phase.
Directors' liability.
Preparation of the composition with creditors.
Advice to the insolvency administration.
Employment regulation files.
Advice in the liquidation phase.
Recognition and enforcement of judgments in foreign bankruptcy proceedings.
Structuring of investments in bankruptcy assets and liabilities.

Credit protection

Challenging and recognition of credits.
Defending creditors' rights.
Enforcement of guarantees.
Recognition and enforcement of foreign credits and guarantees in Spanish bankruptcy proceedings.


It has a team specialised in advising on corporate law. The area is made up of experts in advising modern companies in all phases of their corporate life:

Incorporation of companies.
Statutory reforms.
Council Secretariats.
General meetings.
Corporate restructuring.
Duties and liability of directors.
Agreements between partners.
Capital increases and reductions.

Real Estate

Legal advice covers all matters related to the construction, development, financing and real estate investment of residential buildings, offices, business parks, logistics warehouses, hotels, resorts, retail parks and leisure centres.

Promotion, investment and financing of real estate projects

Design of legal and fiscal structures in the purchase, sale, investment and management of real estate projects.
Advising real estate developers throughout the development and construction process, preparation and negotiation of sales, leasing and hotel management contracts, and in the process of purchasing real estate projects.
Due diligence legal (including environmental and urban planning aspects).
Purchase and sale of land.
Contracts for the purchase and sale of the real estate project.
Advice on legal issues of an urban planning and environmental nature.
Construction contracts, architecture and project management.
Responsibility of building agents.
Property, leasing and asset management.
Sales of real estate developments to institutional or private investors, real estate funds or end users.
Contracts for financing the development and sale and purchase of real estate projects.
Monitoring, refinancing, restructuring and enforcement of guarantees.

Public Law

The Public Law Department provides advisory and litigation services, both to private clients and public sector entities, in the different areas of administrative and constitutional law, including the following:

Promoción, inversión y financiación de proyectos inmobiliarios

Public procurement.
Advising the public sector on the preparation and award of contracts.
Public infrastructure.
Advising private clients in procurement procedures and in the execution of public contracts.
Contract dispute resolution.
Contentious-administrative, EU and constitutional law.
Proceedings before the control and audit bodies.
Advising on public law in regulated sectors
(credit institutions, telecommunications, energy, securities markets, etc.).
Infringements and administrative sanctions.
Public assets (water, mines, coasts and ports, assets of public administrations).
Grants and subsidies.
Public authorities' financial liability.
Preliminary studies and draft legislation in the field of public law.

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