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Our firm is a member of the following professional organisations:

Our professional services, always in the line of maximum efficiency, allow us to offer you the revision of your company’s documentation without any obligation, assuring you a personalised study that will be, without a doubt, profitable for you.

I.C.A.V. (Valencia Bar Association).
I.C.A.L.I. (Alicante Bar Association).
R.E.A.F. (Register of Tax Advisor Economists).
R.E.F.O.R. (Register of Forensic Economists).
R.O.A.C. (Official Register of Account Auditors).
R.E.A. (Register of Economist Auditors).
C.O.G.A. (Official Association of Administrative Managers).
C.O.G.S. (Official Association of Social Graduates).

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